The New Client Onboarding Questionnaire You’ll Want to Send to Customers

The New Client Onboarding Questionnaire You’ll Want to Send to Customers



Research has shown that nearly one in four consumers will open an app once and then never use it again. The truth is that once a new client joins your business your work has only just begun. The procedures for adding a new client workspace will vary depending on the project management software you’re using, so be sure to adjust the checklist accordingly. Even if your app of choice saves the contracts within its system, make sure you have copies of all agreements in your client/project management software as well. When it comes to client onboarding, the sooner your clients complete each step or module, the better. How quickly they finish the phases not only indicates onboarding success, but it can also show you whether any modifications are required in the material supplied.

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By welcoming the client into your business in a thoughtful way, you set up the expectation for great customer service right from the start. You have probably heard of buyer’s remorse before but have you ever thought about how this applies to your own business? Clients will frequently experience regret immediately after making an expensive purchase out of fear that they made a mistake. When you are onboarding new clients, you need to immediately prove to them that they made the right decision. It is always exciting to welcome a new client into your business. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that person is sold on your product or service just because they signed up.

How to use the new client onboarding checklist template?

The content of the page is currently under development – we have only recently started to collect everything important about onboarding. While you might know a lot of the process already, human beings are prone to error, so following the steps outlined here is a solid way to minimize risk. At Process Street, we’ve put together 4 templates you can use to get new clients settled in with minimal hassle. By strategically setting them up, you’ll avoid confusion, answer common questions, and reassure your client that you’ll always have their back. These steps will help you kick off the relationship with your client on the right foot while gaining all the information you need. Engage, retain, & satisfy customers with our easy-to-use no-code platform.

onboarding flow

That’s what an onboarding questionnaire will help you uncover. Your customer onboarding process comes right at the beginning of your customer journey, but it lays the foundations for your whole relationship. A good customer onboarding process helps not only with customer activation , but also with customer retention. If you offer a free or discounted product trial, customer onboarding is where your trial users get to experience the value of your product.

High customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Make sure to ask this question even if you’re generally familiar with the metrics being used since companies often have their own unique approach to measurement. The competition often informs best practices for your client. By asking this question on your questionnaire, you can conduct research into your client’s main competitors to see what they’re doing differently and if it’s working. This helps your team come up with a strategy to keep your client on top or improve their position against competitors. While the unique services and value proposition of your business will impact the specific questions you add to your questionnaire, here are 16 common questions to help get the process started.

With Smartsheet you can create your own and have the answers routed to the appropriate people within your organization. Take the time to align with your marketing, sales, and service teams, always keeping the customer at the center of your efforts. Bubbles and notes will pop up as your customer moves through your platform. You can create a personalized tour for each customer type depending on their goals. Userlane is a digital adoption platform that gives you the ability to create an automated onboarding tour across your software. More importantly, Arrows is designed to help your customers complete their tasks.

successful client onboarding

In that case, this is an excellent opportunity to maintain confidence while you work on your client’s project. Rather than asking for feedback only at the end, create an open channel for receiving it. By collecting feedback during the project, you’ll have the chance to understand how things are going and course correct if necessary.

The client onboarding process for lawyers contains vital steps to ensure you comply with the law when taking on a new case. If your company has the capacity, clients always appreciate a bespoke onboarding process. If you don’t, automation is a great tool to give your client the impression of a bespoke experience even when it’s not. Often, an initial team call will be made with the client so everybody is on the same page, and so that they can meet every employee and get a feel for the way the team interacts.

Project Governance: A Framework for Success

In a research report on customer service impact, Oracle found that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a good customer experience. That, in itself, is a compelling reason to improve your client onboarding process. Retaining current clients makes good business sense, since it costs five times more to attract a new client than keep one you already have. The best way to keep clients is to make it easy to work with you from the first day of your relationship with a solid client onboarding process.

Delivering on expectations means presenting work you said you would do on time. But going above and beyond is often appreciated and can help drive client satisfaction. This might look like creating an excellent report or presentation, providing additional work free of charge, and adding features or customizations just beyond the scope. You might even consider building this “above and beyond” work into your standard package without telling the client upfront.

After all, a well-planned project sets the foundation for success. For starters, elite businesses attribute 68% of their success to data collection and analysis. Following best practices in onboarding will help your company grow and expand, whereas choosing to stay the same in a changing business world will stall your company.

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You may also want to use a client onboarding software that will automate the data collection process. Good client onboarding can also help you to streamline the sales process, which can help to generate more leads and boost sales for your business. Start by mapping out the customer journey and understanding the key milestones a customer needs to hit to achieve success. A Service Level Agreement and a contract are very similar—but not the same. In essence, an SLA is a subset of your contract that outlines what service level you’ll be providing, and what will happen if the service provided falls short. It’s also a good way to draw the line between what you are supposed to do and what falls on your client’s side.

bench accounting onboarding sets the tone for the ongoing relationship your customers will have with your products and business. Here you will find onboarding ideas to help get your customers acquainted with your brand. That’s why it’s so critical to create a stellar onboarding process. You probably conducted a preliminary assessment of the customer during your sales process to ensure you were a good match. Now that the client has signed, though, it’s time to delve a little deeper into what exactly they’re looking for.

Focus on the relationship.

But if you do it right, keeping the survey short and nice with easy questions, there is a lot to be learned from client feedback from surveys they will actually answer. Onboarding clients is unnecessarily cumbersome if you’re not using the right tools. Without knowing your clients and exactly what they need for a flawless customer experience, you can find yourself playing a losing game.

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This loop will enable you to grow your business in an efficient, easy, and speedy way. Depending on your product, you might have already sent an email during a demo registration or a free trial. In most industries, there is many of established competition as is, and you really have to put your value proposition right in front of your potential clients to get them to even consider you. Attracting new consumers is crucial for growth and expansion, while maintaining a strong customer base is critical for the health of your business. Along with asking who your primary contact should be, ask for their contact information and their preferred method of being contacted. While many business contacts now have email, phone, and SMS channels, many have a preference when it comes to day-to-day operations, urgent requests, or other inquiries.


An offboarding meeting is much like the kickoff meeting, only in this case, your objectives are to ensure you hit the project’s expectations. Your offboarding meeting is also an opportunity for both sides to ask questions or give input before the project officially ends. Take the time to go through your processes and deliverables in more detail and make revisions if needed. As you have more experience, you might list common sources of confusion that you address directly in the pre-onboarding and onboarding stages. With the introductions out of the way, you can move into collecting more project information. Think information about the business or more specifics about the project.

  • While you might know a lot of the process already, human beings are prone to error, so following the steps outlined here is a solid way to minimize risk.
  • The onboarding process has lasting benefits for your customers and your business.
  • Client feedback will tell you where the breakdowns are happening, but now it’s up to your team to come up with a solution.
  • Effective onboarding is all about setting expectations in marketing/advertising and other types of consultancies and making sure your communication is clear – and two-way.
  • It is also a good idea to check in with that client after about a month to see how everything is going and answer any questions they might have.

A kickoff call, specialized training, or documentation would be valuable. Before your new customer can get excited about your product, you need to re-emphasize the value it will provide for their unique case. A knowledge base or resource section is an ideal solution for frequently asked questions and allows users to solve their problems quickly and autonomously. Guided setup is most commonly needed when there are multiple steps or when steps need to be taken in a particular order. It’s best practice to ask the user to do only one thing (i.e., change their password or turn on email notifications) and should include a video to guide them. Remember that while you have hundreds or more touchpoints with various prospects, each of your customers only has one impression of you.

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